As a professional athlete, you are already an entrepreneur, and your body is your product.

You’ve trained it and perfected it and marketed it and leveraged it to meet your professional goals.

We Brand Athletes uses the analogy that business is a sport and an entrepreneur is the athlete. That’s why we are committed to helping athletes make the transition from professional sports to entrepreneurship and turn their business dreams into reality.

You may have many ideas in mind but you need a team to help your vision come to life. Our team will come alongside you before, during or after your transition from professional sports so that you can keep your eye on the ball.


Branding for Athletes

The Game May Be Different, But The Mindset Is The Same.

Teamwork. Discipline. Perseverance. You’ve spent years developing these qualities that not only make you a competitive athlete, but can also make you a successful entrepreneur and business professional.

Pro athletes know that you can’t play a sport forever. Eventually many athletes decide to make the switch to the sport of business, and when they do, they don’t know where to begin. That’s where We Brand Athletes steps in.

Wherever you are in your sports career, our team can help you harness the skills you’ve developed on the field, court, or track and channel them into a profitable business venture.



Athletes Business Branding

Every Good Athlete Knows That You Need a Good Team.

Before becoming a pro athlete your focus on sports may have limited your opportunities for internships or work experience. Now as a pro athlete your contracts, training and competition schedules may prevent you from preparing for a career after sports.

That’s why having a supportive and well-rounded team is essential for building a sustainable post-sport career. We Brand Athletes can help you continue your wins off the court, track or field by helping you build your businesses, strategize your marketing outreach and create a powerful and impactful digital presence for your company.

We Understand The Mindset Of An Athlete.

We Brand Athletes was founded by an entrepreneur with a sports background who considers himself a “business-athlete.” Daniel Griggs—founder and CEO of website design, mobile app development and digital marketing agency ATX Web Designs—built his company from the ground up with no tech background after he transitioned away from playing pro sports. He began We Brand Athletes specifically for current and former professional athletes who also desire to be entrepreneurs and grow their businesses.


We’d love to hear about your goals and how we can help you reach them.